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Visual Language for Business Premium 1 on 1 Coaching Program

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Doodle-A-Day: 30 Challenges to Build Your Drawing Confidence

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Our self-paced online courses give you the ultimate flexible learning experience. Learn at your own pace in your own space. each lesson is comprised of a rich mix of written theory, video and printable templates to give you a robust offering. Return to the lessons as often as you need!

Live Zoom Courses

Our live Zoom courses offer you an opportunity to participate with a diverse group of learners from a variety of organisations, backgrounds and industries which enriches your overall learning experience. The courses are split into two hour sessions, hosted on Zoom so you can join from anywhere that suits you. The sessions are spaced over a two week period to make it easier to fit it in amongst your other commitments. It also gives you a chance to practise the skills from each sessions and embed the practises before moving onto the next lesson.  

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