Welcome to the Doodle-A-Day 30 Day Drawing Challenge! We are going to have some fun. Having the confidence to use drawing as a language is a powerful choice for unlocking greatness in your work, study and life! So well done you for showing up, that’s a big first step. Committing to a small daily practice for 30 consecutive days is an effective way to embed a new skill. It doesn’t have to be painful, it should be fun and enjoyable and that is what I have tried to create for you here. But maybe 10 minutes a day for 30 days isn’t really your style, maybe you’e more of a binge it like a Netflix show kind of person. That’s cool too, no judgement here – you do you. That is why I have built this challenge to be flexible enough to do your way – whatever that is.

Each challenge is bite-sized, it won’t require a huge time commitment. Each challenge should be both fun and also teach you a little something – either about yourself and your own abilities, the science behind why drawing is a powerful communication tool, or the blissful experience of creating something for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the process. Hopefully you take a little of each away with you. 

You don’t need any fancy materials to take part, just some blank paper and a few pens. In fact you could take part with just one pen, but it’s great to play with colour which is why I say have a few. While its not essential, having a dedicated journal that you add to each day can be a great way to keep your journey in one place and make it possible to look back through and reflect on what you’ve done. 

The fact is, using drawing for visual storytelling is making the most of the way our brains are already wired to 1) understand ourselves 2) interact with others, and, 3) make sense of the world around us. We really are wired for it – over 50% of our brains are used in visual processing and a huge percentage of our sensory receptors (some studies suggest as as much as 70%) are connected to our vision; meaning we can gain the sense of a visual scene in less than a tenth of a second. Unfortunately throughout our education and transition to the workforce many of us stop seeing ourselves as creative and we start believing that we can’t do creative things like drawing. This is a dam shame, because even if you hold the most left brain, analytical, process driven, efficiency laden job in the universe – you’d still be better at it if you brought your whole self to the table – and by that I mean bringing along the creative part that you’ve convinced yourself doesn’t exist. 

It’s time to kick that old belief to the curb and start exploring this fun and effective way of understanding ourselves, interacting with others and making sense of the world.

So let’s get started! Your first challenge awaits…

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