At Thoughts Drawn Out, our goal is to help the world communicate with more 'human-ness', collaborate with authenticity and unlock creativity for everyone. We are all about stories told visually. They are, in our experience, the best way to understand ourselves, to interact with others and to make sense of the world around us. Visual storytelling is a way to get out of your own head, improve your memory, it is a way of communicating, it is a formula for collaboration and it is a key that unlocks innovation in business. How can we get creativity working for you? 

We have a range of creative services to help you communicate and collaborate better with employees, stakeholders and customers. We can deliver any of these services as a stand alone offering, or we can work with you to design a custom program or integrated set of deliverables to work seamlessly with your bigger plan.

Live Scribe

Have your event live scribed in real time. Scribing can be done by dialling in remotely using digital capture or on paper in person. 

Strategy Map

Have your strategy, culture, or change journey drawn as a visual map that people will connect with.

Slide Decks

Give your slide deck a new lease on life with bespoke illustrations, icons and characters.

Visual Facilitation

We can lead your important conversation, in-person or online, so that you can be a fully present participant. We’ll doodle the outputs as we go too – we can’t help ourselves!

Infographics and Posters

Connect more deeply with your audience with a bespoke infographic or poster set. Put the slow death by powerPoint to one side and get back to storytelling.


Take your audience on a journey into creativity, why we should use it at work, how it could help us communicate and collaborate better, and why we don’t. 

Icon Sets

Step away from the stock images and let us work with you to develop your own, bespoke set of icons to suit your brand, audience and messages.

Interactive Whiteboard Tools

 Let us make you a custom set of whiteboard icons. So you can create pictures without having to draw – for digital or physical whiteboards.

Custom Illustration

We can create custom illustrations to suit your event, team, digital space, online audience. Inky or digital – it will be uniquely yours.

Conversation Canvas

We can design a visual frame for sessions you run often. Re-use your canvas to guide conversations online or face to face for consistent outputs and great experiences.

Collaboration Wall

Trying to make the most of online platforms for collaboration or innovation? We can help you design backgrounds, interactive elements and tools to get the most out of it.

Explainer Videos

Bring your complex concept to life with a drawing hand explainer video.

Location Map

As visual creatures, sometimes we need a pictorial representation of a physical space or location, in order to fully comprehend it. A custom, drawn map could help. Especially when you can’t b there in person.

Visual Concepting

Trying to get an idea out of your head? Let us help simplify the complex with some visual concepting – we’ll help you bring that first, rough cut to life. Online or in person.

Experience Map

Experiences, activities movements – these can feel intangible and hard to visualise. We can help you represent them in a diagram to make them real for others.

We offer a suite of experiences designed to build stronger teams and useful individual skills. Each works as a stand alone session, or it can be slotted into your broader event agenda. Why not include one as part of your next team day? Whether virtual or face to face, visual storytelling will bring some magic to your event. 

Co-Designed Strategy Session

We help you draw out the key components relevant to your road ahead. And we build out a custom illustrated strategy map as we go that becomes your ongoing navigation tool.

Unlocking Creativity Sprint

Delve into unpacking both creative thinking and creative doing. Explore how to make the most of your natural creative strengths. Then look at the power of your collective when you combine all of those strengths.

Hero’s Journey Team Day

Share in an immersive experience where you will learn about the world of story and why it is so powerful, while also weaving together a unique, shared narrative for your team.

Drawn Happy Experience

Embrace the act of drawing for the personal benefits and not the end product. Take away some journaling skills to use as a mindfulness practice in your daily life.

Drawn Out Taster Session

Unpack the code we all subconsciously use to take meaning from pictures. Build a few foundation skills in lettering and icons. Then get your hands inky and build some practices you can instantly apply back in the workplace.

Drawn Together Taster Session

This is a short, sharp dive into conversation frames, how to design them and why you should use them. A great session for people who regularly need to lead conversations, workshops or group activities.

Be a maker, get creative. Check out our range of tools designed to help you unlock your creativity.

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