At Thoughts Drawn Out, our goal is to help the world communicate better, collaborate more and get creativity working for everyone. We are all about stories told visually. They are, in our experience, the best way to understand ourselves, to interact with others and to make sense of the world around us. Visual storytelling is a way to get out of your own head, improve your memory, it is a way of communicating, it is a formula for collaboration and it is a key that unlocks innovation in business. How can we get creativity working for you?

Business services we offer:

Live Scribe

Have your workshop, conference or event captured in real time, as a large scale graphic poster.

Strategy Map

Have your strategy, culture, or change journey drawn as a visual map that people will connect with.

Slide Decks

Give your slide deck a new lease on life with bespoke illustrations, icons and characters.

Video Scribe

Bring your complex concept to life with a drawing hand explainer video.

Immersive Programs we offer:

Visual Change Program

We can help you articulate your change journey and motivate your people into positive action through our unique Visual Change Program. We use our own special blend of visual storytelling as both an output and a collaborative process to drive genuine results for you.

Visual Innovation Sprint

Carve out some time away from the daily grind and put your people through an innovation experience that will change the way they think. This is a unique way to learn a new toolkit of visual innovation skills while also solving your real business problems.

Hero’s Journey Team Day

Teams grow stronger when they have a shared story they feel a part of. This day is a facilitated immersive experience where you will learn about the world of story and why it is so powerful while also weaving together a powerful shared narrative.  

Have us create a visual story for you, or have us teach you how to make your own. Either way, we can help. Check out our 'teach me how' options.

Drawn Out Workshops

Build some solid foundation skills in visual storytelling.

Drawn Together Workshops

Learn to use your visual storytelling skills to drive collaboration.

Mentoring Programs

Be guided through your individual learning pathway to grow your visual storytelling skills.

Be a maker, get creative. Check out our range of tools designed to help you unlock your creativity.

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There is an increasing ground-swell of people emerging across industries and vocations that are picking up their pens and joining our tribe. Either as a mad-keen doodler, an enthusiastic supporter, a no-idea-what-I’m-doing-yet newbie, or a curious onlooker.

Whichever kind of person you might be, we want you to be a part of our tribe!

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