Meet our Chief Doodler

Hayley Langsdorf is a visual facilitator, author, illustrator and speaker who firmly believes that magic happens when humans connect and communicate honestly and deeply; and that this happens best by unleashing creativity and getting visual.

From early beginnings doodling stickmen flipbooks at school, through a degree in Communication and English Literature, her journal and marker pens were never far away. And now after more than 15 years working across Corporate Communications, Transformational Change and Innovation, Hayley’s trusty markers have still never left her side, and have in fact become the core of her practice. To this day she is still regularly surprised by how often that English Literature degree has come in handy in the corporate boardroom – no seriously, Shakespeare’s universal themes are still alive and well!

Channelling her passion for using visual storytelling to make a positive impact in the world, in 2015 Hayley founded Thoughts Drawn Out. A company now on a mission to change how the world communicates and collaborates, for the better.

Hayley believes there is a better way to work together, no more should your day be filled with soul-less acronyms and mind-numbing jargon. Because hiding within every dry set of facts is a colourful story just waiting to be unleashed and Hayley would love to talk to you about it.

In addition to having written and illustrated two children’s books, she has also deconstructed the artform of visual storytelling in her latest book, Drawn Out: a Guide to Visual Storytelling for Work, Study and Life.

In 2019 she took to the TEDx stage to spread the love of visual storytelling and how it can be used to unlock collaboration. She is available to speak and teach on a range of areas including the new rules for workplace communication and collaboration, creativity at work, career mentoring on how to carve a personal path from your unique strengths. Regardless of the topic, expect a lot of doodling and colour!