Doodle-A-Day: 30 Day Personal Drawing Challenge


This course is a self-paced 30 day challenge designed to inspire you to pick up your pen and embed some drawing skills that you can put to work in your career, study or life!

No previous drawing experience required! And all you need is a pen and some paper to get started. Once you sign up, we’ll release all 30 short drawing challenges to you right away so you can do one a day for 30 days, or binge it like a Netflix new release – its entirely up to you. Each bite-sized challenge can be completed quickly but each one will teach you something about your own creativity, the science behind visual communication or the simple joy of immersing in a creative process.

This challenge can be a great opportunity to share some creative time with your children too! Draw along together. Each challenge will be given to you in simple written instructions but also contains a short video clip for how to complete it!


Ready, set, draw! Start utilising the benefits of visual storytelling in your life through this simple daily challenge, designed to build new creative habits and simple drawing skills incrementally. Suitable for absolute beginners, but graduates on our Drawn Out course will also find it beneficial as it gives you an excuse to put your skills to the test each day. Prefer to batch your sessions in a way that suits your calendar? Well you can do that too, you get full access to all 30 bite-sized lessons from day one so you can pace your learning however you want.


Just finishing this off now and it’s amazing. Thank you so much for creating something so fun and introspective. I’ve enjoyed it so much.”

 – Susie


“I love the way illustrators or scribes work in visually capturing workshops or talks. Visual memories are WAY more powerful for me than anything else. So I thought I might try to learn how to doodle with some sense of reason this year. I have wanted to do the Thoughts Drawn Out course on zoom but I feel too time poor – until I discovered the 30-day drawing challenge! Super happy to finally get moving on this.”

 – Shari


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