Drawn Out

1 Day Workshop

Build some solid foundation skills in visual storytelling. Lettering, icons, figures and faces. Then delve into some of the mechanics behind what makes a good picture. Put these skills to the test with some sketchnote practise and then try your hand at capturing a conversation. This course is great for those looking to infuse visual storytelling skills into their work practices.


Wednesday 20 November 2019

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Drawn Together

2 Day Workshop

Learn all the skills in Drawn Out and then take them one step further – from output to process. Drawn Together is based around a set of skills and tools that you can implement to use visual storytelling as a collaboration practise. Learn how to design a conversation frame and lead a collaborative conversation.

No public courses currently scheduled.

Interested in running an inhouse course at your workplace?

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Mentoring Programs

Visual storytelling can take some time to master. There are a lot of skills involved and It takes a lot of experimentation to work out a personal style and get comfortable with it.

Everyone’s learning journey will be different, that is why at Thoughts Drawn Out we believe in individual learning paths. We start by understanding your ‘maker’ profile and then we present you with a custom learning path based on your profile.

Our mentoring paths guide you through a journey of practise, reflection and refinement using our own activities and tools.

If you are interested in finding out more, connect with us through the link below.

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