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Get your hands on a set of Insert Story Cards today and start putting story to work for you. Play it as a game, as an ice breaker or a fun conversation starter. Hey did I ever tell you about the time I…

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Card decks can be a fabulous tool to help facilitate ideation, conversations and collaboration. At Thoughts Drawn Out we have thought long and hard about how to distill our passions into cards.

Insert Story Here cards are a deck of 48 story prompters, 3 blanks and 3 suggestion for use cards – it takes 3 instruction cards because there are so many different ways you can use them! From ice breaking activities in facilitated sessions, to conversation starters at a dinner, even a fully fledged game with scoring system for the highly competitive among us! Story is such a powerful way to communicate, listening to a narrative arc releases a little hit of dopamine in our brains. As humans our brains are wired for story and its time to tap back into this. Hey did I ever tell you about the time I conquered the beast? No? Then we should play…

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