Are you ready?

In this live draw-a-long session we will use visual language to help you capture your plan for the next thing – be that your year, a project, career move. Planning is important and you probably already have a bunch of techniques you use to create the content of a plan – but how are you visually representing it! Investing some extra time to take your content beyond just the language processing centre and process it through the visual cortex, sensory cortex and up to 6 other brain centres. This whole brain experience means you will be more deeply connected with your plan and you will have significantly greater memory recall of the content – no siting on a shelf gathering dust for this plan!

In this bite-sized session we walk you through several different frames that you can use to spatially map your page, icons and symbols for not just capturing the words but embodying the meaning and simple tactics for making it visually appealing so you’ll want to keep re-visiting it time and again. 

No previous drawing skills required, all you need is a pen (a few if you like colours) and some blank paper. If you’ve already got the content of a plan, great! Have that handy, if not no worries – you can determine it as you go. 



Topic: Scribe Tribe Session: New Year, Creative You
Hosted By: Hayley Langsdorf
Start: Friday, Feb 5, 2021 12:00 PM
Duration: 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Australia/Brisbane

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