What we do

Live Scribing

Live scribing is one of our visual storytelling tools where we draw what is being presented at your event as it is happening, into a large scale visual story wall. Capturing the story of your event in this way helps people remember what was covered. It also means your messages live on long after the ink has dried.


Narrative workshopping
Teams, projects and tribes usually have a story they want to share, sometimes it can be hard to bring that story to life through the traditional means of bullet points and slide decks. At Thoughts Drawn Out we have developed our own approach to workshopping through the story to be told and breathing life into it through vibrant illustration as a collaborative effort with your team.

Thoughts Drawn Out also offer skill building workshops on visual storytelling, and can customise an agenda to fit your team’s needs.


At Thoughts Drawn Out we have worked with many clients to take their word-heavy messages and turn them into compelling illustrations. We take wicked pleasure in picking up lengthy documents and reducing them to their key messages on a single, colourful page. We can work with you on a set of compelling visuals for inclusion in your presentation for your next speaking engagement, or a journey map to support your change agenda.  Whatever the story you need to tell, we can help you bring it to life with visual storytelling.



At Thoughts Drawn Out we are firm advocates of collaborative working practices. If you want to set a compelling vision, innovate or mobilise a productive team, the best way to do it is together. And using collaborative, visual storytelling practices is even better! Sound like something you need? We’d love to help.



Our Chief Storyteller is passionate about putting the human-ness back into how we communicate with each other and so is always open to opportunities to ‘sing it from the rooftops’.