Scribe Tribe Session: A Drawn Retrospective


A Drawn Retrospective is a free Scribe Tribe session focused on helping you draw to a close your year or project, achieve closure and realise learnings so that you can move productively into planning whatever comes next!

This draw-a-long session is epic, in a bite-sized fits easily into your lunch break kind of way. It’s time to pick up your pens and get doodling!



Scribe Tribe sessions¬†are free to enjoy! Simply sign up for a session and you’ve joined a rather unique and talented group of individuals – the Scribe Tribe. A collective of doodlers, creatives, dreamers and curious onlookers who are united by their interest in visual storytelling.

Each session is held as a live webinar event. Can’t make the live event? No problem! The recordings are then uploaded here as playback tutorials. Sign up once and participate however it suits you. Join the live sessions, watch the playback. Pause, rewind and rewatch each section, download the templates, re-visit every day for a week – whatever floats your boat!



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