Visual Facilitation

Whether we build you a graphic capture as a quiet observer or you have us take the lead designing and facilitating the conversation, you can bet it will be visually rich and engaging. Human collaboration is our specialty and we fully believe in the power of building shared visual narrative together. It is unifying, inspiring, team building, vision chasing, strategy setting, problem solving goodness!!


We can lead your important conversation so that you can be a fully present participant. We’ll doodle the outputs as we go too – we can’t help ourselves!

Strategy works best when designed collaboratively. Let us lead you through a strategic conversation with all your voices present, meaning everyone can fully participate. We help you draw out the key components relevant to your road ahead. And we build out a custom illustrated strategy map as we go that becomes your ongoing navigation tool.

Teams grow stronger when they have a shared story they feel a part of. Our facilitated sessions can be an immersive experience where you weave together a unique, shared narrative. 

We will work with you to build an approach to drive your desired outcomes. Sessions can be delivered virtually or face to face.

Live Scribe

Have your workshop, conference or event captured in real time, as a large scale graphic poster or digital output. When we live scribe, sometimes also referred to as graphic recording, we join your event as an observer and create a graphic representation of everything that is said and done using pictures, hand written text and a gloriously full colour palette!

Live scribing can be done in the room for face to face events, but it works just as well in virtual events. We simply join your online meeting and share our screen as we draw digitally. With digital captures we can also provide you with a video playback of the drawing being created, which is a great way to share the experience with others.

Whether inky or digital, you walk away with an engaging graphic capture of your event that can be distributed as a summary document, shared onto social media or included in your broader event communications.

Collaboration Tools

Are you facilitating a workshop, event or conference and you’re looking for some visual props to aid you in your delivery? We can help. We love designing conversation canvases to give a physical form and direction to a conversation as well as a way for capturing the outputs.

We can build you tangible tools for participants to interact with during a session. A simple set of hand drawn foamcore tiles or magnets can be a powerful tool, particularly in planning and ideation sessions. 

We can also design for you virtual or paper ‘collaboration walls’ for gathering a collection of inputs from your participants.

There are more ways to collaborate and get visual beyond PowerPoint, flip charts and post-its. We can design you some paper or digital ‘tools’ that are uniquely yours.