The human brain loves pictures. It’s as simple as that really. We are visually wired creatures. Whether it is a set of icons that are used repeatedly to express a set of values, behaviours or projects; an infographic that brings facts to life by giving them shape, form colour and narrative; or jus the right bespoke illustration to fit into your board paper, presentation or website – whatever kind it is. We’ll make you one that is one of a kind.


Infographics are a great way to share a set of facts with your audience in a way that is easy to understand, human centric and fun.

We approach our infographics like a stacked set of story frames. Each section has a purpose and a message, and together all the little chapters come together to tell the overarching story.

Custom Illustration

We can create custom illustrations to suit your event, office, digital space, documentation. Inky or digital – it will be uniquely yours.

We listen closely to your requirements and work iteratively with you to get your illustration just right. We’ll customise the style, colour palette, materials, layout. And we’ll help you to articulate your message in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Icon Sets

Step away from the stock images and let us work with you to develop your own, bespoke set of icons to suit your brand, audience and messages. Icons are a great way to bring sets of messages to life – values, customer proof points, behaviours, success measures, strategic pillars, milestones – we could go on and on. But basically, if there’s a set of things in your business that you communicate about a lot – icons will help.