Explainer Videos

Bring your complex concept to life with a drawing hand or animated explainer video. We can make an explainer video out of a map or infographic that we’ve made together, or we can make them from scratch with you. Either way, there’s something magical that happens when you bring a story to life through a video. From scripting and storyboarding through to the final output, we work closely with you to bring your voice to life, to give your strategy rich characters, or break down your complex topic and tell it in a simple but engaging way.

Hand Drawn

Bring your complex concept to life with a drawing hand video. Everyone get’s fascinated watching the hand move across the paper, progressively revealing an image in sync to the narrator’s storytelling. They are engaging and fun. We don’t use software generated drawing hands – they are our very own digits you see before you, drawing on real paper with real ink.

Digitally Drawn

Our digitally drawn explainer videos have a special something about them. They still have the hand drawn, human feel but they are rich in colour as they rapidly reveal your story.

They are perfectly imperfect, full of life and fun to watch.

Simple Animation

Our simplified approach to animations make them accessible and charming. We will fine tune a script, and put careful thought into the style, actions and emotions of our characters and present them in simple, human ways. We aren’t about bamboozling our audiences with loud noises and rapid graphic transitions. We connect on a simpler level.