Thoughts Drawn Out Team Experience sessions are designed to be versatile, bite-size experiences that can slot easily into a broader agenda. The experiences are all designed to provide  a mix of team building and skill building, all with the ultimate goal of getting creativity working for you!

Co-designed Strategy Session

Strategy works best when designed collaboratively. Let us lead you through a strategic conversation with all your voices present, meaning everyone can fully participate. We help you draw out the key components relevant to your road ahead. And we build out a custom illustrated strategy map as we go that becomes your ongoing navigation tool.

Unlocking Creativity Sprint

Carve out some time away from the daily grind and spend some time unlocking the personal creativity of each team member. Delve into unpacking both creative thinking and creative doing. Explore your personal ‘maker profile’ and how to make the most of your natural creative strengths. Then look at the power of your collective when you combine all of those strengths. 

Hero’s Journey Team Day

Teams grow stronger when they have a shared story they feel a part of. This session is a facilitated immersive experience where you will learn about the world of story and why it is so powerful. While at the same time weaving together a unique, shared narrative for your team.  

Drawn Happy Experience

Journey into the world of mindful drawing. As humans we’re wired to join dots, find patterns and make marks. Set aside self consciousness and embrace the act of drawing for the personal benefits and not the end product. Gain journaling skills to use as a mindfulness practice in your daily life.

Drawn Out Taster Session

Get a taste for visual storytelling and delve into the world of narrative through images. Unpack the code we all subconsciously use to take meaning from pictures. Build a few foundation skills in lettering, icons, figures and faces. Then get your hands inky and build some practices you can instantly apply back in the workplace.

Drawn Together Taster Session

This is a short, sharp dive into conversation frames, how to design them and why you should use them. It is a taster to tempt you into a different way of working together. This is a great session for people who regularly need to lead conversations, workshops or group activities.