Visual Language for Business is our flagship course in visual storytelling designed for change managers, people and business leaders and facilitators looking to take their skills to the next level.

It focuses on building practical skills that you can use to make your communication, facilitation and change artefacts more visually engaging and inspiring for your audience.

By the end of the 6 week program you will have developed a practical toolkit of visual storytelling skills that you can use to do 3 specific things:

  1. Make illustrated ‘story on a page’ artefacts such as Strategy Maps, Culture Maps and illustrated slide decks that re-imagine how you use PowerPoint.
  2. Design and deliver illustrated templates, called ‘Conversation Canvases’ that you can use to engage groups of people in workshops and conversations that are fun, powerful and visually memorable.
  3. Take visual notes in real time (live capture) either onto your conversation canvas or into a notebook so you can produce visually appealing records of group discussions or presentations in real time.

This 6 week series has weekly self-paced modules and suggested activities that introduce and explore the key concepts of the toolkit. Each week then finishes with a video call to discuss, personalise and embed those learnings. The live calls are a great way to get feedback and answers to questions.

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